River cruises from Moscow to St. Petersburg are very popular destinations of incoming tourism into Russia. A river cruise is a fantastic voyage through the colorful, historic and intriguing waterways of Russia on board of comfortable motor ship. The cruise route goes through the Moscow Canal connecting the Moskva River with the Volga, the Upper Volga region, the charming medieval cities of the Golden Ring (Uglich and Yaroslavl), the fascinating water ways connecting the Volga River with the Baltic Sea, two largest in Europe lakes (the Ladoga Lake and the Onega Lake) and unforgettable stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The above cruises are operated in period from May till early October by comfortable m/s the Georgy Chicherin, the Zosima Shashkov, the Konstantin Fedin, the Nikolai Chernyshevsky ***, Swan Lake***, Moonlight Sonata***  (types 301, 302), the Leo Tolstoy **** (type Q-056), the Mstislav Rostropovich ***** (type 92-016), built in 1970s-1980s in East Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Mustai Karim***** (type PV-300) built in 2019 in Russia .

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Moscow is the capital of Russia, one of the largest cities in Europe and one of the most important cultural and scientific centers of the world. At the famous Red Square you enjoy a unique architectural ensemble including the Cathedrals of St. Basil (1550s) and Our Lady of Kazan (1630s), the History Museum of Russia, Kremlin walls and towers, the Upper Trading Arcades (GUM), Lenin’s tomb and necropolis. During panoramic city sightseeing tour you will see also the Cathedral of Christ the Savior blown up by Bolsheviks in 1930s and rebuilt in 1990s as a symbol of new Russia, the New Maiden Convent – a fortress and monastic ensemble of the XVI c., a campus of the Moscow University and panorama platform at the Sparrow Hills, Moscow boulevards, the Theater Square with the world famous Bolshoi Theater and the Metropol Hotel – a pearl of the Modern style architecture.

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Moscow City Day is annually celebrated on the first or the second Saturday of September. For the first time regular celebration of Moscow City Day in early September was initiated in 1986 by Boris Yeltsin who headed Moscow CPSU Committee that time. Formerly 700th anniversary of the first referring to Moscow was celebrated quite modestly in 1847 and grandiose celebration of the 800th anniversary with gigantic portraits of Bolshevik’s leaders hanged throughout the city and evening illumination and firework was held in 1947 accordingly to Stalin’s decree. Presently folk festivals, parades and concerts are held on this day. On these days central streets are crowned with people, popular singers and dancers present their performance, numerous shows are held. Traditionally the major celebrations are arranged in the Tverskaya Street, the Red Square, the Vasilyevsky Spusk, the Poklonnaya Hill and the Sparrow Hills. The City Day celebration are traditionally ended with firework. This festival every year attracts many guests from the vicinities of Moscow and from abroad.

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Souvenirs & Insider Tips

One of the main symbols of the Lake Baikal is nerpa (freshwater small seal founded only in the Lake Baikal). That’s why the most popular local souvenir is plush nerpa. You can find plush nerpa at each of numerous souvenir shops in Irkutsk and Listvianka. Another very popular Baikal souvenir (especially at the East coast of the Lake Baikal) if small Buddha figurines made of wood, stone, ceramics. Great authentic souvenirs are also traditional Buryat and Old Believers wooden dolls.

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  • over 101,000 km of inland waterways
  • Volga 3,530 km the longest river of Europe
  • Baikal the worlds’ biggest fresh lake

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