Altai is a mountain area located in the South part of West Siberia. The name Altai means in Mongolic language «Golden Mountain». Altai borders on Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and also on Khakassia, Tyva (Tuva) and other Siberian regions of Russia. Two administrative regions of the Russian Federations are formed on the territory of the Altai: Altai Republic with capital in Gorno-Altaysk town and the Altai Region with capital in Barnaul city. Climate of Altai is extreme continental with short hot summer and long frosty winter.

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The Altai Mountains were the cradle for many nations. Tribes of Scythes, Huns and Turks starting from that area spread around the endless territories of Eurasia. Many archaeological objects were found here and these discoveries on their historical and cultural values occupy an important part in the World Cultural Heritage. Ancient barrows and rock paintings, interesting legends, mountain lakes with clear water, speedy mountain streams and snow peaks are waiting for the traveler on this route. Making acquaintance of the unique cultural traditions of Altai people allows the traveler to get a deep insight into the past to feel the connections between times and to understand the beauty of the presence. The way from Novosibirsk to Verkhiy Uymon village is similar to the route of the Central Asia expedition of Nikolay Roerich (1925-1928).  A vast area of  the Altai comprises a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site entitled Golden Mountains of Altai.

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Altai Hospitality Gastronomic Festival arranged every year end of April presents culinary palette of the Altai Territory: baking, beverages, desserts, cheese, meat, vegetables and other products of the Altai. The dishes are prepared accordingly to the recipes of the best cooks from different cities and districts of the Altai Territory. Gastronomic Festival is part of a program of international tourism forum VISIT ALTAI. We are sure that the Altai Hospitality Gastronomic Festival is very significant reason to visit the Altai.

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Souvenirs & insider tips

At souvenir shops in Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk and also at the Vysotnik tourist center you can purchase traditional Altai handmade souvenirs of different kinds of wood, stone, ceramics,  textile, claws, paws, canines of animals, wool, fur, felt: dolls, amulets, talismans, jugs, covers and rugs, shaman’s tamburines, drums and other authentic musical instruments (for example, topshur -2-stringed lute traditional for tribes of West Mongolia, Altais and Tuvans; komus – local Jew’s harp, instrument emitting a buzzing sound), traditional local clothes.

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  • over 1840 km of mountains
  • over 13,000 lakes
  • over 17,000 rivers

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