We invite you to the very interesting corner of Europe – the Curonian Spit where you will have a chance to get acquainted with its unique nature and original mode of life of its locals. The Curonian Spit created by the sea and the wind is a narrow sandy strip of land separating salt sea and fresh-water Curonian Lagoon. This unique and picturesque place is included into the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is a state natural national park now.



Price per person, EUR
Language 1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax 8 pax 9 pax
English, German, French 240 123 84 72 59 50 48 43 38
  • All the costs are valid at the date of publication and are subject to reconfirmation at the time of booking.

    It’s possible to arrange guides with other languages upon request.

What is included

  • guide
  • transport
  • entrance fee

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