The Kaliningrad Region located on the Baltic Sea shore is the top west part of the Russian Federation. This region is Russian enclave surrounded in the south by the territory of Poland, in the west – by the territory of Lithuania. This territory (the northern part of East Prussia) was given to the USSR after the WW II in accordance with decision of Potsdam Conference (1945). In Soviet period of its history the region was typical Russian province with typical for Russian province attitude to the monuments of pre-Soviet history. The most of them fell into disrepair and went to ruin little by little.

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Konigsberg was founded in 1255 by the Teutonic Order knights who tried to Christianize local pagan tribes of Baltic Prussians. The name card of the city is its Cathedral located on the picturesque Kneiphof Island. Grave of the great German scientist, father of German idealism philosophy Immanuel Kant whose life and scientific work is inextricably associated with the Konigsberg University is located just near the Cathedral wall. Exposition exhibited at the Cathedral presents life of Immanuel Kant and history of the Kneiphof Island. Here you can be also acquainted with history of the legendary fundamental Wallenrod Library founded in XVI c. and lost during the WW II. Very interesting samples of the Modern architecture (early XX c.) are kept at the Amalienau suburban quarter. The favorite place of locals and numerous tourists is the Fischdorf – city area at the Kneiphof Island covered since 2006 with modern buildings in German pre-war style.

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The Herring Day is celebrated at many seaside countries because everybody knows and values this modest but very tasty fish. Dates of celebration might be different. For example, in the Netherlands the Herring Day is celebrated in honor of so-called New Herring in the beginning of June when new catch season is started but in Finland this Day is celebrated in October because in this period an incredible number of herring is concentrated in the coastal zone due to significant reduction of the sea temperature. Herring is very popular Russian snack but the Herring Day is celebrated in Russia since 2000s only. The celebration of the Herring Day in the Kaliningrad Region is held in the beginning of April on the anniversary of the first Soviet fishery expedition from Koenigsberg to the shores of Iceland (1948). On this day local restaurants and cafe offer a lot of fantastic dishes made of dried, smoked, fried and boiled fish. Mistress Herring walks through the main streets surrounded by his large entourage. Guests of the holiday can visit interesting exhibitions, take part in family competitions and fanny games.

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Souvenirs & insider tips

Unofficial name of the Kaliningrad Region is the Amber Territory. This is quite correct and amber is actual symbol of the Kaliningrad Region because it is the main natural resource of the Baltic Sea southern shore and 95% of the amber world reserve is concentrated at the Kaliningrad Region. At numerous souvenir shops, markets and at souvenir kiosks of local hotels and museums you can purchase a lot of very interesting articles made of amber. But be attentive: this is very easy to counterfeit amber! We kindly recommend you to follow suggestions of your guide if you buy amber souvenirs.

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  • the most western region of Russia
  • unique mix of German & Soviet architecture
  • world’s largest source of amber

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