Kamchatka is one of the largest peninsulas in the world. It is located in the north part of the Russian Far East between the Sea of Okhotsk to the west and the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Kamchatka Region of the Russian Federation borders on the Chukotka Autonomous District in the north and on the Magadan Region in the north-west. The Kuril Islands (the Sakhalin Region) sides with the Kamchatka region from the south.

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is administrative center of the Kamchatka Territory located at the Avacha Bay of the Pacific Ocean not far from two active volcanoes:  the Koryakskaya Sopka and the Avacha Volcano. City was founded in 1740 by Russian navigator (Danish in origin) Vitus Jonassen Bering during the Great Northern Expedition (1733-1743) and named after two ships of the expedition: “St. Peter” and “St. Paul”. In XVIII-XIX cc. city was visited by expeditions of many famous navigators: Jean François de Lapérouse, Charles Clerke who headed James Cook’s expedition after his death at the Hawaiian Islands, the first Russian circumnavigation of the Earth headed by Adam Johann von Krusenstern etc.. During the Crimean War (1853-1856) small garrison of  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky successfully repulsed an attack of the British and French forces. Now Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a large center of Russian Far East and one of the Russian Pacific Navy bases. During 3-4-hour Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city sightseeing tour you will visit monuments to Vitus Jonassen Bering and Jean François de Lapérouse, grave of Charles Clerke, the Glory Monument and the Third Battery Monument erected to commemorate the heroic defense of the city during the Crimean War, bed of honor of Russian, British and French soldiers, wooden houses of the early XX c., former governor’s house, picturesque souvenir and fish market.

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Elizovo Sprint is traditional every year dog sledding competition held in February at the Cosiness Valley not far from Elizovo town known as the Kamchatka gateway because the main local airport is situated here. Ethnic village, concert ground as well as vending stalls, sports and play grounds are arranged at the Cosiness Valley. The best folklore ensembles perform their festive programmes for participants and guests of festival. Mas-wrestling, jumps over dog sleds, national wrestling, running with stick and tug of war competitions are traditionally very spectacular. The greatest attraction especially for children is possibility to be photographed with dog sleds.

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Souvenirs & insider tips

The best souvenirs from all regions of the Russian Far East is authentic handicrafts of wood, birch, semi-precious stones and fur, skin and bones of reindeer and marine animals made by representatives of local aboriginal peoples but articles manufactured at local undertakings are also good). Your guide will suggest you the best places where you can purchase original, natural and qualitative local souvenirs. Figurines of local deities made of traditional for Kamchatka aboriginals materials are very good authentic souvenirs. The most popular characters for such production in Kamchatka are Kutkh (spirit of Raven honoured by indigenous peoples of the Russian Far East and of the north-east part of North America as the creator of the Earth and the progenitor of the Mankind), Peliken (funny idol, traditional talisman of Chukchi, Koryaks, Eskimos) and Khantai (fish deity of Itelmens: half fish, half man). Such figurines might be made of different traditional for the Far East materials: fish, seal or reindeer skin beaded, fur, birch bark, wood (soft wood of the Kamchatka alder Alnus kamtschatica is the very popular local ornamental material), fish or sea animal bone.

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