Samarkand, the second largest and the second most populous city of Uzbekistan, is one of the oldest cities in the world (founded in the V c. B.C.). The historic city center (the Registan Square) is a pearl of architecture, an integral part of the world heritage. During more than two thousand years the city was an important point on the Great Silk Road between China and Europe as well as one of the main centers of science of the medieval East. In 875-999  Samarkand was one of the largest political and cultural centers of the Samanid Empire (from 875 until 892 Samarkand was the capital of this state). In 1369 it became the capital of Timur's empire and the Timurid dynasty state. The unique beauty of monuments created in period of Timur and his successors still evokes admiration and wonder. After disintegration of the Timurid Empire Samarkand city was a part of Emirate of Bukhara. In 1868 Emir of Bukhara declared  Jihad against Russia but his army was defeated, Russian troops occupied Samarkand and  Emir had to acknowledge Russian protectorate. Samarkand became a center of administrative district of Russian Empire. After national delimitation in the USSR city was the first capital of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (1925-1930).



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