Small town of Trakai situated in the South-East part of Lithuania (26 km from Vilnius) is known for its medieval stone castle built in the late XIII c. by Lithuanian Prince Gediminas at the island in the middle of lake (the only surviving island castle in Eastern Europe). In 1316-1323 Trakai was his provisional residence. Since the late XIV c. Trakai became a setting place for Tatars and Crimean Karaites (Turk ethnic group confessing original religion based on the Old Testament; Karaites consider their religion the most pure version of Judaism) invited to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by prince Vytautas. Trakai is still a cultural center of Karaites in Lithuania. Local kenesa (Karaites temple), rare sample of wooden synagogue, was the only kenesa on the territory of the former USSR which was not closed in Soviet period. En route from Vilnius to Trakai you will stop at the St. Peter and St. Paul Church, a pearl of the Baroque architecture (XVII c.).



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