The Trans-Siberian Railway represents a network of railway lines connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East. The railway was built between 1891 and 1916. The Trans-Siberian Railway is considered to be the 3d longest railway in the world. Its length from Moscow to Vladivostok is 9289 km. In fact there are three railway lines associated with Trans-Siberian Railway. They are the Trans-Siberian line, the Trans-Manchurian line and the Trans-Mongolian line. Besides, there are also the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Circum Baikal Railway that are also often regarded in connection with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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Moscow is the capital of Russia, its largest cultural and scientific center. Moscow is also a big tourist center with worldwide known sights that became symbols of Russia. Such symbols are of course the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square with the St.Basil cathedral. The Red Square located just near Moscow Kremlin is central square of Moscow and the main square of Russia. At the Red Square you enjoy a unique architectural ensemble including the Cathedral of St. Basil (1550s) built in honor of capturing of Kazan by troops of Ivan IV (the Terrible), the monument to liberators of Moscow from Polish–Lithuanian troops Kuzma Minin and Dimitry Pozharsky (1818) and the Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral (1630s), the History Museum of Russia (1883), Kremlin walls and towers, the Upper Trading Arcades (GUM), Lenin’s tomb and necropolis at the foot of the Kremlin wall with graves of the highest leaders of Communist Party and Soviet state.

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Moscow City Day is annually celebrated on the first or the second Saturday of September. Folk festivals, parades and concerts are held on this day. On this day central streets are crowded with people, popular singers and dancers present their performance and numerous shows are held. Traditionally the major celebrations are arranged in the Tverskaya Street, the Red Square, the Vasilyevsky Spusk, the Poklonnaya Hill and the Sparrow Hills. The City Day celebrations are traditionally ended with firework. This festival attracts every year many guests from the vicinities of Moscow and from abroad.

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Trains of Trans-Siberian Railway usually are divided into two categories: regular trains and special charted tourist trains. The latter are luxury trains such as Tsar’s Gold, Golden Eagle and Imperial Russia. There are several sleeper compartment categories on these trains, most of which have own bathroom. Travelling on a tourist train is a package journey which includes accommodation, full board and excursions in cities and places where the train stops. It’s very convenient, but sometimes such a journey can be expensive.

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  • 9,288 km the world’s longest railway
  • 7 time zones
  • 80 cities and towns

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